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No Man Ever Steps in The Same River Twice
BreathTurn - Exhibition in public spaces
Heraclitus argued that the world is changing and moving all the time and that this constant flux is part of its essence. We exist in constant motion, in infinite uncertainty. This is a world that summons potential disruptions on every corner. Time and time again we find ourselves in a void, engulfed by doubt, an underlying uncertainty that engenders anxiety, feeling of suffocation, or a desire to cover and conceal, ostensibly to protect the existing. Protection and perils. An attempt to understand versus a sweeping admission of its impossibility.
For the therapist, as well as for the creative person, these fragile realms of uncertainty are also a possible space for creation and growth. They open a possibility to create “potential spaces” – a term coined by psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott, which refers to the in-between realm of experience, between fantasy and reality, between objective and subjective reality. These are spaces of freedom, where the creative process takes place, the playground in which the creative person is omnipotent and limitless and holds absolute magical power. The power to create a world. It is also a space of paradox, as it is in the potential space, a place where elements of imagination and reality coexist, without these opposites interfering with one another or demanding one to choose between them.
The exhibition surrenders itself to uncertainty, using it as a formative experience. It invites the viewer to Limbo, to chaos, to ambiguous situations, to stumbling in the dark, to an enigma. Like a slight shift in the perception of reality, which offers a glimpse into a different perception of reality.

Participants: Naama Edrey, Dafna Ichilov, Noa Ehrmann, Liliane Buainain, Miriam Banai, Kobi Zholtack, Michal Michel, Naama Amirav, Davina Feinberg Zagury, Michal Fattal
Curator: Dafna Ichilov

Image: Davina Feinberg Zagury