Musrara Research Choir

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What If?
Musrarasonics - The Electro-Acoustic Program
30/5/2018 - 23:00

Karnaf Hall, Canada Center
Folk songs and songs from the drawer, songs of love and hate, between the political and the personal, between prayers of ecstasy and salvation to the curse of destruction, continue and emerge from one another to form one unanswered question. The popular extends into the abstract and the texture breaks down into rhythm. Nails in their heads and worms in their bellies, they sing what they think you know to escape the end of days.
Participants: Avraham Kober, Itamar Cohen, Bar Eran, Omri Depicciotto, Amit Dagim, Omer Goldberg, Ron
Sheskin, Aya Gavriel, Itay Fitussi, Daniella ljungsberg, Itzik Gil Avizohar, Yoav Megged, Yonatan
Dahan, Niv Gafni, Sharon Kasper, Eli Orian, Tomer Damsky
Instructor: Tomer Damsky