The New Media Department

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Virtual Reality
BreathTurn - Exhibition in public spaces
Six works by students from the New Media Department
Instructor: Tal Michael Haring

Thank You for Contacting Us
Osher Ben-Yehuda
Visitors are invited to step into a model of a waiting room using VR headsets, and wait there for all eternity.
Sound: Gilad Ben-Hayun and Osher Ben-Yehuda

The White City
Ann Deych
A small and hidden, fictional city, reflecting a closed inner world, influencing me and making decisions for me just as much as the outer city. Anyone who lives in the city has a city inside his head, maybe those who live in the wild have a forest.

Exploitation and Distancing System
Amos Peled
The project engenders a destabilized sense of being by undermining the virtual medium and bringing the user into a world that blurs the lines between reality and virtual reality.

Shem Barel
Live electronic music played by moving through space.

The Town of the Sensitives
Gal Ben Arosh
The project recounts the tale of a spirit living in the town of the Sensitives, whose entire function in this world is to wash the wounded and aching skin of the town’s people.
An invitation to step into a strange, fascinating and highly sensitive world.

12485 - 12401 Robleda Rd, Los Altos Hills CA
Asif Kaufmann
Research into the identity of a person who has posted a three-dimensional model of his real home online. Who is he? What is he? And why is there a hidden ground floor in his home?