As part of Musrara Mix, taking place for the 18th year, Musrara Galleries presents three exhibitions under the thematic umbrella of the festival: Breathturn. The three galleries will serve as autonomous linchpins in the festival, which will be held in public and private spaces throughout Musrara neighborhood and at Musrara School.

Gallery exhibitions curators: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen, Vera Korman, and Vanina Saracino (Italy)

The New Gallery
Fragmented Vision
curator: Vanina Saracino
Artists: Elena Mazzi & Sara Tirelli, Lior Gal, Saverio Cantoni
Fragmented Vision is aimed at revealing the fragmentary nature of the human perception through works that face us with the limits of our vision and, in particular, with the relativity of spatial orientation given by the force of gravity. The exhibition questions the primary way we understand our surroundings and departs from a gravity-driven outlook in search for new ways of seeing.
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Derfler Gallery
Grey Matter
Curator:  Ayelet Hashahar Cohen
Artists: Keren Zalts, Shahar Afek, Zohr Elazar
The dialogue and trust built between artist and curator create a firm foundation for collaborating on an exhibition. The act of curating, which consists of observation and research, accompaniment and interpretation, meets the artistic act and the artwork in the space, creating a connection between art and viewers. This exhibition wishes to undo this familiar dynamic, which is rooted in organization and collaboration-control relationship, examine it, contemplate upon it, and reestablished it by design on a principle of uncertainty. Three artists and a curator decide to try a different mode of operation, without making any promises.

Social Gallery
Curator: Vera Korman
Artists: Elinor Salomon Karam Natour, Liat Segal, Yael Meiry, Adar Goldfarb, Yonatan Ben-Simhon, Renee Van Trier, Inga Fonar Cocos
The exhibition’s title P=0.5 is a term derived from the world of probability, representing the greatest probability of uncertainty. The exhibition brings together spaces of uncertainty in a world of limitless data clouds. By its very skeptical nature, this situation may lead to a dead end. However, the same ambiguity can serve as a fertile ground for the emergence of new paths. The participating artists explore different ways to organize the environment in a world of digital information. They address mechanical and digital phenomena, use apps that map information or emphasize the uncertainty in the binary social systems untrusted with control of the body.