Nina Fischer and Maroan El Sani

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Identity's Rule of Three & Spelling Dystopia
BreathTurn - Exhibition in public spaces
The animated film "Identity's Rule of Three" seizes the debate around the planned presentation of ethnological collections in the reconstructed Berlin City Palace (Berliner Stadtschloss) as an opportunity to envision a different future. Playful yet serious, it explores questions of authenticity and identity of the individual, art, architecture, and society.
* Identity's Rule of Three was created in collaboration with Bertold Stallmach

Spelling Dystopia takes as its subject Hashima, an island off the coast of Japan. Entirely manmade, the concrete island served as a coal-mining operation, abandoned in 1974 when its mineral resources had been exhausted. The island has since taken on a ghostly, mythic status in the national imagination, aided by its appearance in Battle Royale II, a recent Japanese adventure/sci-fi film.
Nina Fischer and Maroan El Sani explore the changing roles of the island throughout its history, capturing the accounts of former inhabitants alongside the current impressions of high school students of a place they know only indirectly through representations.
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