BreathTurn - Uncertainty and Other Disturbances

What is going to happen tomorrow? How will the world survive? What kind of life is in store for us and our children? Will there be another world war? What's going to go wrong? Is there anything you can trust completely?

“God does not play dice with the universe!”  - Albert Einstein
The term "uncertainty" encompasses a whole gamut of concepts and feelings. Anyone living today can relate to the feeling of uncertainty: in the information age, while we have access to an endless stream of facts at the push of a button, we are still faced with the challenge of piecing these together to make a coherent image of reality. Uncertainty (or doubt) is an intermediate state: not the utter rejection of a certain fact, piece of information, or belief, but also not their acceptance. The essence of human existence can be defined as "ongoing uncertainty," accompanied by the invention of measurement methods that purport to predict the future and create a clear and certain reality.
The need for certainty, for formulating a clear plan that gives us control over our lives, is natural and fundamental – but also deceptive. In the world of physics, Heisenberg's "uncertainty principle" points to the impossibility of knowing the precise values of both parts of pairs at the exact same time: the more accurate the measurement of one element is, the less accurately its counterpart is measured. This principle has also permeated and influenced the worlds of philosophy and culture – the more information we have about reality, the more directly our ability to know reality is diminished. Uncertainty is also a key concept in economics, and in fact it can be said that it is the most basic economic force (best exemplified in the stock market). In the field of biology, the concept of uncertainty is associated with the concept of chaos and the attempts to understand whether the natural world is governed by certain underlying rules. Organisms aspire to order and to distance themselves from disorder, which is a state of uncertainty. At the same time, uncertainty presents challenges that lead to progress and regeneration.
The reality of things is that we do not actually have access to life’s blueprint; we strive to reach a palpable foothold, but it is nothing more than a soothing illusion that allows us to move, dream, exist, and make plan. The undoing of our plans lurks in every step of our life. On a personal or social level, a state of uncertainty can lead to anxiety or paralysis. People in certain mental states may experience a lack of certainty at any given moment, a feeling that "the ground falls out from beneath their feet," anxiety and terror. Of course, the rise in uncertainty is met by a corresponding rise in the need for control, in both the private and public spheres. People hold on to things that offer reassurance, like religion or science, while countries try to monitor the population through laws or surveillance (placing CCTV cameras in the public space, monitoring social media, etc.).
2018 Musrara Mix Festival sets out to explore the various manifestations of uncertainty, from the micro level of organisms, the human body, and mind, to the macro level of societies, states, and economies; from abstract worlds of methods, ideas, and beliefs, to the more concrete worlds of body and matter. The festival will summon encounters with artworks and creative processes of artists who explore themselves and their motivation to create, in the search for a more profound understanding and certainty in their role as artists. Still, uncertainty is an essential element in the process of creating art and in its ability to communicate and touch the viewer, to generate change, to disrupt our perspective and offer a new certainty in a constant state of uncertainty.
Musrara Mix 2018 extends an invitation to follow new paths that may bring us closer to a certainty of consciousness. This is not a journey launched from one starting point, but rather movement informed by a conscious ambiguity that surrenders to a new, complex, surprising, and unpredictable reality.