striking clichés

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Vered Nissim
Striking Clichés (Parts of an Installation)
On first glimpse, “Striking at Clichés” strikes us like an appealing arrangement of intricate elements, yet when stepping closer we perceive the parts the make up the whole: multicolored plastic carpet beaters, artificial flowers, an elastic thread and other commonplace and widely available objects. However, as if spellbound, the very act of deciphering the basic units, while exposing their banality, also makes us wonder at the simplicity of means involved, which so easily trick the eye.
Nissim combines the paraphernalia of household and cleaning appliances in many of her works – predominantly plastic items and that evoke the Sisyphean routines of cleaning chores, which even today are performed largely by women. The installation disengages the object from its instrumental function to lend it a fresh, decorative twist – as with the carpet beater, which she transforms into an elaborate crown. At the same time, the de-contextualizing she operates calls attention to the women who earn their living doing cleaning work, often hidden and invisible. Photo: Tal Nissim

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