Improvisation Workshop

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Musrarasonics - Electro Acoustic Program
The Improvisation Workshop, part of the curriculum of the Advanced Program for Experimental Music and Sound Art, presents students with different approaches to improvisation and composition. The group acquired its own distinctive sound during the school year, and in the show it presents two pieces that reflect some of the themes dealt with in class: “Monkey Trips,” a piece on states of consciousness from the Buddhist world, by groundbreaking American composer Annea Lockwood who’ll work with the students during her visit to Israel; and “Memory Space” by American composer Alvin Lucier, dealing with representations of place via memory.
Participants: Nevo Ben Knaan, Yonathan Giron, Itamar Weiner, Galia Eini, Hovav Landau, Or Rimmer, Denis Mashkevich, Adam scheflan and Hagai Izenberg. Instructor: Tom Soloveitzik.

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