Musrara Choir

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Musrarasonics - Electro Acoustic Program
The Musrara Choir  dismantles and builds auditory systems of text, sonic textures and action to hear and voice the rhythm of an ongoing event… only to drown it in the noise of an uncontrollable impulse.
Particpants: Itzik Avizohar, Yoav Meged, Johny Dahan, Niv Gafni, Sharon Casper, Shye Rahat, Harel Trachterman, Tzufit Ivry, Ma’or Efrati, Noga Shegev, Bar Harel, Eran Kvint, Ilan Shalom, Yonathan Giron and Ayala Shamir. Instructor: Tomer Damsky.

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