Ensemble of Love and Terror

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Amir Bolzman & Ariel Armoni
Musrarasonics - Electro Acoustic Program
Ensemble of Love and Terror is the noise duo by Amir Bolzman – sound artist, instrument maker and musical producer – and Ariel Armoni, a multi-instrumentalist who works as an architect. The two have been performing together since 2013, and lately they began experimenting with elements of local music combined into their experimental electronic pieces. The drum kit gave way to the traditional riq drum, an accordion was brought in and samples of Arab music added flavor to the electronic sound mixture for a heavy, rhythmic and original performance.
In 2016 the duo was a resident artist at Maamuta, in the Hansen House in Jerusalem, and in 2017 they took part in Maqamat, a multi-participant sound installation by Dor Zlekha Levy and Aviad Zinemanas at the Tel Aviv Museum. A multi-channel piece performed during the 2015 edition of The Frontline Festival was released by Full Body Massage, the Berlin-based Israeli label.
Photo: Dana Decktor Celan

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