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Tzzazit Group
Eili Levy and Uri Levinson from the Tzzazit group present a project based on a series of workshops they held with residents of the Jesse Cohen neighborhood in Holon, mostly women who emigrated from Ethiopia. “Semiassimilation” connects common practices of the workshop’s participants, women who were displaced and had to resettle, based on a points of convergence in time. For geography isn’t the only thing that changed for these women. There is also the progress of time, embodied by a metronome continuously launching time units from the future back into the past.
Picking up from the activities that took place during the workshop, Levy and Levinson created a hybrid structure based on points of convergence, movements, substances and technologies. The work addresses stories of migration from one culture on to the process of assimilating into another, a culture new and foreign which offers little certitudes and assurances to lean on. The workshop was held as part of the “Artist in the Community” prize program of the Ministry of Culture with collabortion of  The Israeli Center for Digital Art Holon.

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