Thirsty Fish

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Ilan Shalom, Michal lellouche & Batya
Music - Main Stage
Thirsty Fish is a special collaborative project by Batya, a multidisciplinary artist working in glass, sound and movement, together with the duo one3band, which includes artist Michal Lellouche, who is also a cellist, and Ilan Shalom, a musician working for dance and theater who is also a student at the Advanced Study Program in Music and Sound Art.
In the show they perform music composed to the words of Jalal ad-Din Rumi, the great 13-century Sufi poet. The arrangement of sounds, voices and words turn into a journey into the soul of the here-and-now – and to the road that opens ahead of it, always winding and long… The show includes touches of spoken-word and movements.

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