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Ola Lewin & Hana Tefrati
Exhibition in Public Space
Jerumara: Musrara (Jerusalem) – Medina (Marrakesh)
Live online performance
“Jerumara” is a live performance with audience participation, connecting people in Medina, Marrakesh, with others in Musrara, Jerusalem. The work addresses the many divisions that separate us already at birth – geographical borders, religion, socio-economical status, cultural background, ethnicity, skin color, gender and more. Born to be divided, are taught to set ourselves apart and to champion values of nationality, tradition and identity.
The two-sided installation aims to bring people from both locations into a single community. Stepping inside a Homenet environment, participants are asked to shed their national and cultural preconditioning and to attempt, for just 40 minutes, to connect with others based on sheer humanity. Taking part in games, music, dancing or a cup of spearmint tea, any guest soon becomes a host in this momentary collective of anonymous individuals.