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Yuki Jungesblut
Exhibition in Public Space
A single note is repeatedly struck on a piano. Images of cityscapes appear. Somewhere in Asia. There is something to read in each image. Words address the viewer in Western Letters: Good Coffee Smile, Yes, Destination Tokyo, Little Trip to Heaven, Have a Dream, PflanZen, Zenmall, Far East. Somewhere in Japan. The sounds of the slide projector mingle with sounds of the camera‘s shutter. East Zone. Hit. Dreams come true. Happy Factory. Human. A voice mutters in Japanese, “Where am I? I can‘t remember anything.” Another says: “Until the day he came, I have always been alone.”
Between the languages, images and sounds, the subjective and the collective start to mingle, and in the collision between corporate advertising and the personal, a fleeting promise and a faint recollection start to take shape. Tempus fugit, non autem memoria. Rentopia. Happy nice days to you.
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