Politically in correct Bodies

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Sajan Mani
Exhibition in Public Space
“Politically Incorrect Bodies” is a long-duration performance lasting 24 hours. Looking into the relationship between animal bodies and the human body, Sajan Mani centers on his own dark skin and Dalit association – an Indian societal and ethnic group corresponding to the lowest caste of “untouchables”. In some religions and cultures, certain animal species are considered impure, an aversion that spreads even in democratic societies, in the name of political correctness.
On the other hand, we as humans use the bodies of animals to test our own limits or set new goals. We use animals as pets, for food and even to test our medicines, while their bodies are held as forbidden to us. In a way, our culture avails itself of black bodies in a similar, yet largely disavowed way. In the performance, which lasts a full day, Mani explores the relationship of human and animal bodies especially through the pig, an animal which – like his own body – is often misunderstood and derided.