What do I want? - Ritual LÂH KAM

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David Guy Kono
Exhibition in Public Space
Under stress, a man no longer knows what he wants or who he is. Seeking relief he sets out to his village’s holy forest, to talk with the spirits. First he must ask their permission, showing them his family genealogy. As he talks with the spirit he is able to resolve his inner conflicts, yet now he is tempted to ask for more than what he initially wanted, before he witnessed the beauty of the forest. He becomes greedy. No longer able to find his way out, his body becomes heavy and he descends into madness, losing all hope. In search of a way out, he repeats the process all over again…
What do I want? And what do I really need? What use do I have in five pairs of shoes, a big house or a car? Here we arrive at the point where capitalism meets the over consumption, regardless of our needs. On the other side there is the ritual of Lâh Kam, restores us the ability to see our own inner beauty. But to undergo the ritual we must first decide what we really need.