poison (Trucizna)

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Izabela Gustowska
Exhibition in Public Space
Poison is like a hybrid / It attacks the space of a computer screen, spills around, flows into our homes / Unnoticed it changes water into black liquid, destroys a budding magnolia flower, poisons animals / Babies cry in their sleep / Adults make no secret of their fear / Poison like black water appears in city streets, from dusk till dawn, from dawn till dusk / It becomes a frightful white moon and a black disc of the sun / It flows into New York’s Manhattan and into alpine tunnels, it changes the horizon of Hawaiian Kauai, floods Machu Picchu, spreads like a disease.
A woman thinks about suicide, a man hides at home, another woman only wants to wander… / Poison will soon be everywhere / Can we make it to escape? Do we learn to live in its shadow? Where is the new place? / For a woman, a man, a child and a dog…?
Supported by the Polish Institute Tel Aviv