Balagan Mon Amour

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Natalia Mali
Exhibition in Public Space
“Balagan Mon Amour” is a compilation of live performances, often spontaneous, recorded for the camera and mixed with episodes starring Yaakov (Koko) Deri, a Black Panther, political activist and without all doubts an artist. This film suggests that “Balagan” – a domestic theater found in Koko’s self-made rooftop house – can be easily found in the everyday life any citizen of Israel, a country replete with conflicts, contradictions, cultures, origins and beliefs.
Taking a grotesque view on the subject, Natalia Mali’s film draws our attention to the total absurdity of the space we live in, the time that goes by unaccounted for and unnoticed, and the multitude of ‘found objects’ related to one specific person, whose belongings are kaleidoscopic mixture mirroring a conflict of cultures. “Balagan Mon Amour” is enriched by handmade theatrical costumes and features performances by Koko Deri and Mali herself, together with Avigail Zadik, Avi Sabag, Guy Cohen and Deri’s adopted dog, Kitchy. With original music composed by Amit Golan.
The work was made during a residency program at the Musrara School of Art, and was created especially for the festival format.
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