Maneki Nek O)))

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Exhibition in Public Space
With its origins in the East, the meditative experience migrated to the
West where it was commodified and infused with glamour and kitsch. The
great drone-metal bands had reinvented this kitsch as a highly-dramatic,
extravagant sound experience. OOMVABOREG presents “Maneki Nek O))),” a
sound installation about ancient imagery that, once stripped of its
original grandeur, becomes a decadent representation of hollowed plastic.
Techniques of DIY and acoustic phenomena of beating and phasing mingle with
the inexhaustible joy of online shopping and the appropriation of readymade
objects. Hollowed evil faces control an unending mechanism of automated

OOMVABOREG are Marco Milevski, Eyal Bitton and Tomer Damsky, an artist
collective working from their shared Jerusalem flat, a hideaway from the
chaos of HaChatulot Square (‘Cats’ Square’), where they are in endless
pursuit of a missing bolt head (‘oom’).