The world is Ours

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Ann Oren
Exhibition in Public Space
“The World is Ours” is an expanded cinema project mixing sampled animation with live enacted scenes shot in Tokyo. It revolves around Hatsune Miku, the feminine manga personification of a synthesizer software created for promotional purposes and to enhance user engagement. Any content related to Miku is fan-created, from her music and lyrics to animation. In Japan she became a cult figure, a cyber diva who even performs live via hologrammed projections.
Oren’s project explores the merger of fantasy into everyday reality by a cosplay enactment of the figure, performed by the artist herself. Along footage shot in Japan, the video combines excerpts from an abundance of fan-made music and animation. Hatsune Miku is a phenomenon of our time, of a participatory fan culture that stimulates creativity while providing free marketing for the title brand. The same can be said of social media, where users are both the producers of content its consumers in a cycle that inevitably impacts our collective fantasies.
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