Beauty of the silence triangle

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Tomer Dahan
The Beauty of the Silence Triangle: An Experimental Ballet in 3 Acts
Dancer and choreographer Tomer Dahan presents a performance around the decorum that surrounds both the love of movement and the love of flowers, intertwining the world of Ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arrangement) with the gestural code of classical ballet and improvisation practice. The piece includes the role of a narrator who tells us of his inner world while also narrating the events onstage and singing.
Dahan’s work deals with the experience of the moment and the enchantment attached to the calm and serenity found in both the world of ballet and flower arrangement. It subsists in the tension between inside and outside, the metaphorical and literal, and music and silence. The gestural narrative in the piece, marked by restraint and minimalism, draws on the repertoire of classical ballet and contemporary improvisation, likewise gesturing at the dance moves of boy bands.

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