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Eli Keszler - Performance

Audiences today are accustomed to a new paradigm of non-linear spaces where listening and viewing experiences are variable, fragmented and fractured. The input and output of viewing and producing media are intertwined. This new receptive situation has prompted the artist to reevaluate the process of notation, composition and use of 'musical objects' in his installations.
Using simple, elemental physical materials, his work subverts electronic sound and activates metals, wood, piano wire and industrial plastics through mechanical systems. The production of raw sound clashes between mechanical and physical energy, honing in on the point where primitive and undiluted sound intersects with detailed geometry and physical computing.
His work examines the intersections of large-scale installation, architectural environments, musical performance and social dynamics.
In his works, networks and systems replace and visually obstruct the viewers’ conception of sound source beyond recognition. Puncturing and distorting narrative with musical mediation, these constructed environments seek to challenge and redefine normative social dynamics.
His installations function on their own as stand-alone pieces, as well as the setting for his performance.

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