Nico Teen

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Zohar Shafir & Alex Drool
Zohar Shafir, a graduate  of the New Media Department in Musrara School. For almost a decade, the artist has been developing her solo project, Nico Teen, which has become a band this past year.Her works deal with the hidden spaces between nostalgia, deconstructionism, and pop music in diverse platforms that integrate improvisation and performance.Alex "Drool" Yonovic, is a multi-disciplinary artist and a prominent figure in Israel’s experimental music scene over the past decade.Both artist are interested in exploring the various layers of human communication, whether verbal or physical, and tend to use a wide range of mediums for expression, such as movement, sound and performance.At the Musrara Mix Festival, the duo will present a new piece called “Dearest Jasirin Astrologiya” which involves voice, percussion and tape recorders.
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