Anyu (mother/ אמא)

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Lina Walde
Kassel School of Art and Design, Germany
Video 6:30 min
Animation: Alma Weber, Arzu Saglam, Karolin Twiddy, Lina Walde, Stephanie Heike
Sound: Karsten Höfer, Lina Walde
Music: Stràssz
Voice: Jana Fries, Fritzi König
Clean up: Lisbeth Kuhlmann, Jana Kreisl

A long time ago in Eastern Europe, the turmoil following a revolt against the Soviet occupation leads to the separation of a small child from her mother. While the mother is forced to flee the country, her daughter is raised by a flock of precocious geese.
After 5 years of separation, the child sets out to meet the exiled mother. She stands face to face with her like a stranger.
Anyu, which means mother in Hungarian, is a story about the inner life of a refugee child. Anyu is also a story about a mother and the dichotomy between her contradicting societal roles, expected to be responsible for reproduction work (parenting) and, at the same time, to be willing to fight for freedom and take part in a revolt.

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