Homenet: CONtacta

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Ola Lewin

Open meeting space: 19:00-22:00 Performance: 22:00-22:30.
Homenet: CONtacta brings people from Granada/ Spain and Jerusalem/Israel together.
In one live performance two contact dancers, Patricia Cabrero Ruiz/Granada and Michal Sternbach/Jerusalem will try to neutralize the screen and create one shared Homenet.
In the second part of the performance the dancers will invite the audience to dance together. During the festival the room will function in different formats connecting the people in Jerusalem and Granada. Please stay connected while you like FB Ola Lewin's homenet.tv for farther information.
Homenet TV is an experimental art platform that examines video conference tools in public space. It intends to turn virtually connected real places into one space with one concept. Exploring interaction and communication formats, HomeNet connects people in order to create a sense of sharing one common home.
1492: The expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Granada. Remnants of the Jewish culture are evident only in the structure of the streets of el bario Realejo (Granada de los Judíos). 
2015: More and more refugees around the world and in Israel do not feel at home. Politics plays with human survival.

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