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Teena Lange
A Counter-Performative Speech Act
Teena Lange, performance art curator and artistic director of grüntaler9 – a space for performance art (Berlin) – will talk about the concept of space and the artist Dolanbay.
Since 2011, grüntaler9 has been a space in continuous transformation, a space dedicated solely to live performances and time-based art, a space for performative acts. It is not a gallery, a white cube or a black box. Every performance leaves behind visible and invisible traces for each performance that follows, takes over and lets go in turn. The space is unique in its approach and research method, and provides a platform for (performance) artists in Berlin. Diverse theories and practices towards performance art are investigated, and questions are raised regarding international contemporaries, originality, authenticity and authorship. The special focus of this speech act will be the performance installations and aesthetics of Dolanbay, who will perform “Untitled Land” at the Musrara Mix Festival.

With the support of the Goethe-Institut, Israel
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