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Piotr Kurka
The installation refers directly to the superficial black and white division of the modern world, a division rooted in one of the strongest and oldest powers of imitation. The two areas of light and darkness are even and equal in size. They refer to our floating reality. Anthropocentrism is symbolized by the figure of a handsome young man wearing animal fur. His ambiguous attitude can be perceived, on the one hand, as authority and control and, on the other hand, as the pretentious pose of a trendy, modern hipster. On the opposite side of the room we can see a caged animal, the victim of human dominance. Capturing these two situations simultaneously in a single beam of light is impossible. Only one side is revealed at time by a slowly turning house lamp. Only one choice is possible. This work raises the question: Is sustainability possible?

With the support of the Polish Institue

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