Strip: Musrara

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Nadav Assor
Strip: Musrara is the latest of an ongoing "Strip" series by Nadav Assor. It is a doomed-from-the-start attempt to create a collective and subjective living map -- not a map of the exact measurements of the neighborhood, but of the experience of moving through it, together and alone.
The project involves a group of "surveyors" moving through Musrara in single file, scanning the landscape with small, sideways-facing video cameras.
Each person in the group generates a video “piece”. When those “pieces” are lined up next to each other, an immersive, constantly moving audio-visual panorama installation is produced.
It is a personal, fragmented, rippling, expanding and contracting antithesis to the digital maps that increasingly control our geography and determine the way we perceive space.
As long as the participants stay in line, the panorama is continuous. Occasionally they break rank and venture into the hidden and unmapped spaces of the neighborhood, each camera presenting an independent point of view.
Inevitably, the collective panorama reforms, and continues its journey through the nooks and crannies of the neighborhood, moving from inside to outside, between day and night, always in a futile attempt to gain a total image of an unimaginably complex place.

With the support of Go-Pro Israel
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