SABAUDIA - Redefining Utopia

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Marie Rømer Westh
Through the eyes and actions of a group of artists and skateboarders, the work offers alternative perspectives on the highly political architecture of the Italian town Sabaudia, built by the Fascists regime in 1934, 100 km south of Rome.
In 2012, artist Marie Rømer Westh invited a group of artists and skaters to join her in Sabaudia for a film project based on aesthetic reflection within the remains of the totalitarian utopia. The film explores the location’s creative potential through the unique use of public space.Through their interventions with the perfectly structured town, the work compiles a variety of points of view on the idea of fascism, utopia and idealism in general. Inspired by the “D.I.Y.” culture, the artists and skateboarders reflect their viewpoints through performances and other gestures, responding to the form, structure, past and present of the place.
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