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Sanija Kulenovic & Adi Liraz
Hulda HaNevia St.
ExDress is a series of interactive performances and public interventions.
The artists commemorate their personal and collective memories and their Muslim and Jewish heritages, by connecting themselves through two dresses that change, dissolve and (re-)attach throughout the performance.
The surroundings and the participants are tied together by a re-weaved web structure and become part of a new embodied, common thread and a patchwork community.
Both artists live in Berlin and, in their work, they relate to their role as women in society struggling with the feeling of being trapped in a costume that doesn’t always fit and trying to escape from it.
Both artists were displaced from their homelands due to war and both have relations to divided societies. Through their actions, they relate to their personal and collective experiences and memories.
As a result, new roots and ties begin to form, connecting the artists and the viewers/participants, and giving birth to a new personal and collective her/history.

With the support of the Goethe-Institut, Israel
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