A Feminine Name

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Nasrin Abu-Baker
In this video work using audio-visual symbolism, the artist presents her view of the Arab woman. She defends the position of women, the pillar of Palestinian society that has remained stifled under the burden of masculine authority for generations. The place: an old Arab house abandoned by its residents.
The story: the death of women, who learn the alphabet until they perform housework.
In this film, the message exceeds the limits of expectation. It presents highly symbolic images: little girls in school uniforms singing the alphabet and spelling the words ‘mom’ and ‘dad’, some girls washing their white dresses, men grounding meat with manual metal grinders, and an old lady singing a sad melody to mourn a woman who lies down before her at the center of events, as a witness who can neither see nor hear.
The work becomes a sonorous statement, in which the sound of girls singing the alphabet merges with that of grinding meat, and that of the silent body of the unconscious Arab woman. She awakens only when she hears the sound of the old woman mourning, a sound that provokes alertness and walking towards the sky. The question remains: Upon awakening does she reach liberty or death?
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