Grow / Build / DIY Urban Sustainability

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ONYA Collective
This work includes tutorial videos on different practical methods of ecological productivity in the city. Each video describes the various stages, from the preparation to the execution of a particular action. The videos demonstrate the identification of a need, a challenge or a desire to create within the urban space. Often the addition is hardly felt, yet it creates a new microclimate, emphasizing the efficient use of available resources and providing a new perspective on the place.
Through the practices of recycling, DIY, "urban acupuncture", and visual interpretation in various media, useful knowledge in the field of sustainability and urban agriculture is made accessible. This also enables the person to connect to the agricultural space. These spaces allow for new kinds of connections and experiences in the city, as part of a conscious process towards “healthy cities” that allow vegetation to benefit the residents and the environment.
This work attempts to restore ecological productivity as a tool for individuals in an era overwhelmed with information that is often, to some extent, at the expense of the consumer.
*ONYA brings together designers, planners and environmentalists who are working to integrate elements of nature into the city for the benefit of the community. In the past year, they have been doing work at the New Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv and its environs. They conduct technological architectural and artistic experiments, addressing various interpretations of the meaning of nature in the city, alongside their “guerrilla” activities, community workshops, and laboratory for urban ecology.
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