Embedded Artist

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Malte Steiner & Wolfgang Spahn
The performance combines four different layers of images that merge into one visual art work: 3D models, video, scratching, live camera, and mechanical effects are also projected within the space.
The 3D models are animated in Open GL, whereas video scratching and live cameras each run on Raspberry Pi. Mechanical and optical effects, such as fragmented projections, are generated by servos and glass prisms.
"Embedded Artist" not only projects onto all the walls, but at the same time films the audience and the space, re-projecting the images simultaneously.
Moreover, the light beam of each projector is fractionized by a prism, sending broken images onto the walls. The combined effect of all four layers creates a link between performance and space. It blurs the distinctions between artist and audience, body and mind, artwork and space.
The contradiction between noise-based materials and electronically generated music causes musical sound and non-musical sound to resonate together. Providing the rhythm for the performance, this sound adds a fifth dimension, namely temporality.
For the performance, both artists developed a system for multiple embedded systems, using the following software and programs: Pure Data, Raspberry Pi, Raspian, and Python. As hardware components, several Raspberry-Pi's were combined with Paper-Duino-Pi's.

With the support of the Goethe-Institut, Israel
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