Imaginery Portraits

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Loretta Lux
Loretta Lux’s photographic portraits of children have gained her much recognition and appreciation, first and foremost, due to her ability to create a new world and present us with a point of view that challenges the usual ways in which we understand and perceive children.
The empathy we normally feel towards children suddenly changes when our eyes discover a different kind of childishness that is strange, mysterious and, at times, full of tension. The subjects have names and are identified, yet they also lack identity.
Looking at “Loretta’s children” does not awaken our childhood memories, rather we are drawn into a tense and cold world.
Loretta Lux’s work demonstrates both her impressive technical use of photography as well as her deep awareness of the history of portrait painting.
Through her processed photographic images, bound to produce a “genotechnical” change, Lux creates a new kind of expression in which the vitality and childish joy of her portrait subjects take on a strangely sugary sweet doll-like quality that arouses anxiety and concern.

curator:Avi Sabag

©Loretta Lux, Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York
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