BIO ART - Sonja Bäumel

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Sunday, 31.5 and Monday 1.6
Over the past few decades, biology has entered public consciousness more than any other science. We’ve been learning that organisms, being organised information, can be manipulated, and their features combined to perform new, specific functions. Looking at this potential from an artistic / design perspective, we cannot be careless about the contribution of scientific advancements that enable a paradigm shift of design tools, changing them from a system of representation to a direct materialization of the product through novel manufacturing processes. The purpose of this experimental workshop is to grow curiosity about living material, to explore a hands-on approach, to get introduced and learn about the microbial world. Practice and experiment combined with a lecture and discussions will allow the participants to extend their knowledge and ability in intersecting biological practices with creativity.

Photo Credits:
1. Andrea Graziano
2. University of Applied Arts Vienna
3. Shih Chien University, Taiwan
4. Shih Chien University, Taiwan