The Machine To Be Another

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As part Musrara Mix Festival, and hosted by the New Media Department, BeAnotherLab collective members were invited to present their highly publicized project The Machine to be Another:
The project involves a system that uses virtual reality (such as Oculus Rift glasses, etc.) to allow users to experience the illusion of being another person.
The aim of the project is to promote empathy between individuals through making it possible to "put yourself in someone else’s shoes“.
During the workshop, participants will learn to use the device, record their stories, and get a chance to present their stories during the festival. Their participation will also help the team to develop the project and expand its usage.
The workshop offers a unique opportunity to meet people who live, breathe and dream new media, and to be a part of a fascinating world-wide project.

The workshop will take place in two parts:
Part 1
26 May 2015
In Musrara from 14:00-20:00
The first part will include an introduction and explanation of the project, hands-on experience and sharing of stories.
Part 2
27 May 2015
Print-Screen Festival at the Holon Cinematheque from 14:00-20:00
The second part will invlove technological and practical deepening of knowledge, and work on exhibits, some of which will be presented during the Musrara Mix Festival.
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