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* The performance is part of the exhibition "Journey between the Stars" in Drefler Gallery.
Artists: Einav ziv Ayalon & Genevieve & Lusy Okwor.
Einav Ziv Ayalon spent the past half year in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.
Ziv Ayalon’s performance piece Hairstyle presents her experience in Nigeria and her return to south Tel Aviv in Israel.
During the performance, Ziv Ayalon’s hair will be braided together with Genevieve’s hair into one common construction. One head for two bodies. The braiding will be done in stages: first each head is braided separately, and then the braids of both will be weaved together in a single tower. Participating in the performance are Lusy Okwor and Genevieve, Nigerian migrants who have been living in Tel Aviv for the last few years.

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