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Amir Meir- New Music Department

Sound Installation
"Why dream?"
"Dealing with identity does not interest me. I'm interested in what flows beneath it. I do not really know how to deal with fears and desires, but my dreams do. I do not mean this in the sense that dreams are subject to interpretation from which to gain insights, but in the sense that I am compelled to write down my dreams.
I started writing down my dreams at the age of 16 after reading Pinhas Sadeh’s book "Life as a Parable." Sadeh presents his dreams in a straightforward fashion, without explaining. He treats them as a thing-in-itself, an artistic act.
Despite my reservations regarding pathos, I feel there's a deep element of that in my dreams. Interpretation is often considered the final goal and the dream (because it is direct and unmediated) is a good means to get there. I find that the opposite is true: the dream itself is the very thing itself."

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