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Marta Hryniuk
"On with the Story" recalls a story of my grandmother’s exile in Siberia during Second World War. Everyone had to take a job. She was tasked to poison the gophers in order to protect the crops. Departing directly from her account, I reflect on the concept of memory.
The video is an attempt to imagine and feel the traumatic experience of another person. Although this attempt is doomed, I believe it is crucial for the process of remembering. The story is being synthesized into a single gesture, which is a symbolic re-enactment of my grandmother’s gesture.
I consider this repetitive, monotonous and trance-like gesture of pouring grain essential. It takes place in an abstract, dark space, which has no points of reference. The time is also unlimited and synthesized, or rather, is no-time. (Marta Hryniuk)

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